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  5. "Что она читала?"

"Что она читала?"

Translation:What was she reading?

August 26, 2016



So like with the present tense, there is also no way to know in the past tense if the action is continuous, except from context?

What did she read? What was she reading?


Yes, Russian language doesn't have continuous tenses, but I think that aspects at least partially convey the similar meanings: imperfective for continuous and perfective for not. So with your examples it can be "Что она прочитала?" and "Что она читала?". Though I'm not an expert on aspects, so maybe someone can explain them better.


No, this is quite alright. I am actually Croatian and it is identical in my language: Pročitala and čitala.

I just didn't immediately realize I could put про in Russian like it is in Croatian. Learning Russian through English when you are Crotian can be really confusing, because I am so fluent in English that I think in English as well, and miss spotting such connections :P



Even learning Russian, because I am pretty absorbed in it and Russian words float through my head all day (even if I don't remember the meaning). Sometimes I catch myself trying to put together a thought in Russian haha.


Oh good. I'm not the only one with random Russian words I can't remember the meaning to pinging around my head. LOL


Russian imperfective aspect seems to cover a lot of different tenses in other languages.

From what I've experienced so far in this module, it seems that this sentence could be translated as:
What was she reading?
What did she read? What has she read?
What has she been reading?
What did she use to read?
What would she [habitually] read?

Also, in researching how to translated English Past Perfect, it seems that this sentence could mean:
What had she read?
What had she been reading?


But why is it past? How can you tell? I must be missing something


Читала is past tense female singular 3rd person (она)


Thanks I think I'll keep on guessing and make mistakes in English


Since она is the subject and что the object, shouldn't it be Чего она читала?


Accusative of что, like all inanimate masculine or neuter nouns, is the same as the nominative (so it should be что here). Чего is genitive.


Could this also be "What has she read?"


I put считала and it was marked correct. How would that sound differently from читала?


"Считала" is a different verb. It means "counted". If it was accepted, that's a mistake.

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