"Dostajemy darmowe śniadanie."

Translation:We are getting a free breakfast.

August 26, 2016



I don't want to be a gramma nerd here but shouldn't the english sentence contain an 'a' article? Don't get me wrong though, I'm here to learn polish not english, it's a small deal.

February 9, 2017


Yeah, I guess it is a better version indeed. Made 'a' the best answer.

February 12, 2017


...Coz we're at mom's for a weekend

August 26, 2016


"we are getting breakfast for free" i'm not an english speaker so i'm not 100% sure but, it should be right, right ? :p

July 5, 2017


Well, technically the construction is a bit different (śniadanie za darmo), but that was accepted in Polish, so I guess we can accept the English equivalent as well. Added now.

July 6, 2017
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