"Dostajemy darmowe śniadanie."

Translation:We are getting a free breakfast.

August 26, 2016

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I don't want to be a gramma nerd here but shouldn't the english sentence contain an 'a' article? Don't get me wrong though, I'm here to learn polish not english, it's a small deal.


Yeah, I guess it is a better version indeed. Made 'a' the best answer.


...Coz we're at mom's for a weekend


"we are getting breakfast for free" i'm not an english speaker so i'm not 100% sure but, it should be right, right ? :p


Well, technically the construction is a bit different (śniadanie za darmo), but that was accepted in Polish, so I guess we can accept the English equivalent as well. Added now.


"We are getting a free breakfast," means it's a one-time deal. If you say, "We get free breakfast," the implication is that it's a regularly-occurring thing. Can this sentence mean both?


The one-time deal is more probable to me, but technically it can mean both. Of course it would be better to say 'how often' for the regular thing, but the verb is the same.


In an earlier lesson we learned the word for free is bezpłatny --

Is there a difference, should darmowy be used in different circumstances than bezpłatny, or are they interchangeable?


I don't see any real difference in meaning, I think that you can safely consider them interchangeable.

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