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Beautiful Ukraine

Ukraine is full of proud culture and beauty, that the language is only a part of. Ukraine's Independence day was a few days ago, but the culture is one you can learn about anytime.

In Kyiv and other big cities, artists have been commissioned to make art on the sides of buildings. They greet you as you come into the city. It is truly awesome, very inspiring and beautiful:

More pictures here

Also, I found an interesting article on their motto "Слава Україна; героям слава!" (Glory to Ukraine; Glory to the heroes!)

A short History of the Ukrainian Greeting, "Slava Ukrayina!"

As the article says,

It’s important to note that this greeting was something more than just a slogan. It was [and still is] an expression of hope for a better future.

Слава Україна!

August 26, 2016



Can't take my eyes off of the second image.


This mural is a portrait of Lesya Ukrainka, one of the best-known Ukrainian poets. It was created by an Australian artist Guido van Helten. It is one of my favorite murals too.


It's absolutely gorgeous, isn't it? <3


That one is probably my favorite of all that I have seen. So detailed and historical.


Yes. I support this post.


Навіки слава!


Thank You for your kind words. Ukraine is awesome, most of her treasures are in souls of people and out of big cities. That is our flag https://www.stb.ua/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/16/3.jpg For everyone who wants to understand Ukraine might be interesting this projet https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbNaKxi1j-Q5jWZDpJZp56g

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