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"Kiugrasz az ablakon a huszadik emeleten és odafutsz a buszhoz."

Translation:You jump out of the window on the twentieth floor and you run to the bus.

August 26, 2016



This is as dumb as it can get. After all this time, nobody can eliminate these stupid sentences?????????


Can anyone tell me if it is worth going on with this course? does it get better later? I have lost confidence in it at this point and am kind of on automatic pilot. I already have determined that they have erroneously disallowed 'toward' as a translation of hoz, despite all other online authorities explaining that it is not only correct, but actually a better translation than the way these people use 'to'. Hungarianreference.com is one of those authorities. Please don't suggest reporting. There is nobody home there and hasn't been for weeks.


Can you include a link that translates "toward" as "hoz"? Because there is either something not clearly explained to you there or they are just plain wrong. "Toward" is "felé" in its most common sense. There is no doubt about it. "Toward" does NOT mean "hoz", as far as I can think. There may be some rare cases but generally it is "felé".
On the course itself, it is still generally frustrating, that is why it is called the "beta" phase. Only those willing to deal with all of its ramifications should attempt to use it at this time. All others are better off waiting until it graduates from beta.
And our volunteer contributors probably do have lives, too. But they are working, I have seen several improvements already. The finish is still a long way away.


Sure : http://www.hungarianreference.com/Nouns/hoz-hez-h%C3%B6z-allative.aspx. As for the beta issue, you're right, I wouldn't recommend that someone naive like i was take this course in its present state. But for me, in for a penny in for a pound. I'm gonna fight for every inch of headway I can make and I especially value the help of all on the comment sections like you.


Trust me, this course is frustrating to all of us in its current state. :) So I am here to make it less painful, hopefully, as much as I can. I went down the whole tree, and there were not so bad parts and there were terrible ones. There is lots of work to be done. Tons. But I do see some progress here and there. And I admire anyone who does not give up. This course does not need to be this complicated. And that would even be true if all the sentences and translations were correct. Which they are not.

On "towards" vs "hoz". While I see what your link is trying to explain, I still stand by my statement that "toward(s)" does NOT mean "hoz". The point is that the English "to" carries so many different meanings that it is difficult to narrow it down to the one meaning that "hoz" carries. So that's why they are putting it in parantheses there as "to(wards)". It does not exactly mean towards but it is a movement/action that ends at the target. There is just no easy way to explain it in English, that is the problem.
"Towards" is in the direction of. I could be in the middle of the desert and walk towards the sea for five minutes. That is "felé". Or I could walk towards the north. "Észak felé." That is definitely NOT something that can be described using "hoz".

And I could see a tree and walk up to it, to sit in its shadow. That is "hoz". "Odamegyek a fához." The action ends at the target. That is the very important point.

That's just how it is, no matter what all those references say.

Check out the postpositions section if you like, it may just help. Or it may confuse you even more.


I mean.... I don't know who put this "toward" thing in the reference like that but it is clearly creating a lot of extra unnecessary confusion. Really sorry about that.


Jesus, you put a ton of work into this and i am grateful. I think i will stick with your formulation that the action ends at the target, and that is the sense in which hoz has the property of towardness. or towardity. I owe you a beer; you can't drink an ingot.


Sounds wonderful. Can I also change all my lingots to beers on your account? :)
Good luck to you, and lots of perseverance!


I really think you should post this sort of thing not on a sentence discussion, but in the main "Hungarian course" forum.


Who will say jump out of the window instead of through the window.He must know a very good English Congrats


By the way, who will survive after the fall of twenty floors? And then I don't even talk about being able to run away and especially being able to catch a bus? "Most ez egy példa hogy tanuljunk ! "

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