"Gyda fe mae'r arian."

Translation:He has the money.

August 26, 2016

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Can this be done with all possessive sentences for emphasis or does it signify something? e.g is "gyda fe mae clun dost" acceptable or does it seem very weird?


(This particular sentence is actually a zombie.)

It sounds a little odd on its own, but you could use the pattern to emphasise a contrast:

  • Gyda Dewi mae'r arian, nid gyda Morgan - Dewi has the money, not Morgan.


That makes sense. Will there be a better sentence like that to replace this one?


I am so puzzled with this course, it's so different to what I have been learning here in North Wales!


You may notice a few differences, but the main patterns are pretty similar across Wales. You will also meet a number of different patterns if you read and listen to the media.

This course does not teach any particular dialect. It is based on a middle of the road Welsh which forms the core of Welsh for Adults courses, so if you live in a particular part of Wales you may also be learning various local dialect patterns and words there.

For example, the standard dw i ddim yn... may be dw i'm yn... in informal usage in some parts of NW and NE Wales, but sa i'n.., sana i'n.. or smo i'n... in various mid, SE and SW Wales dialects. So as to maintain a general coverage of the language in a manageable way, this course does not cover any of those dialect variations.

As you learn more, you also notice variations across different parts of north Wales.


It supposedly covers Cwrs mynediad though and it is certainly mainly sticking the southern version by the look of it--- with 'e' dych etc.Very difficult to learn like this---

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