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"Bạn cần một cái bản đồ không?"

Translation:Do you need a map?

August 26, 2016



more curious than anything: why is cái the classifier for bản đồ and not, like, quyển/cuốn?


Why is the "co" here?


Please refer to the tips & notes section at https://www.duolingo.com/skill/vi/Questions1


Thanks! I do understand what it means, but MUST you use it? Would omitting "co" make the sentence wrong?


Yes and no.

Technically, I want to maintain the consistency among sentences so usually, without "có", sentence will be marked wrong. Some may have exception.

On the other hand, without "có", the sentence will sound unnatural when used in conversation unless you stress at the end of this sentence (at không) to make it sound like a question.

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