"We do not sleep here, but there."

Translation:Nem itt alszunk, hanem ott.

August 26, 2016

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Can someone explain why "Mi nem alszunk itt, hanem ott" is wrong? I am having some problems with negation...


You're contrasting itt with ott. For such constructions you need itt to be followed by the verb.


and to be right behind the nem, I think -- "nem A, hanem B" pattern.


It's fully correct in Hungary. I take that mistake to, but I'm hungarian...


Really? That's awkward, I thought it sounded pretty bad.


You don't have problem with this one. In the hungarian language we have a very flexible word order (with negation too, but you need to be connected to the other part of the sentence). The order depends on what do you want to highlight.


And yet, just two questions ago, this was marked wrong... "Nem ott énekeltek, hanem hegedültok" stating that ott must follow énekeltek, so which one is it?


The matter is WHAT you are negating. In the current example you negate itt (nem itt, hanem ott). In your example you negate énekeltek (nem énekeltek, hanem hegedültok). Nem must stand right before the negated word.

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