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"The kindergarten teacher is not a guest, but she is the boss!"

Translation:Az óvónő nem vendég, hanem a főnök!

August 26, 2016



what about: "az óvónő nem vendég, hanem a főnök"?


This sentence has nothing to do with the grammar points of this lesson which is allative case (hoz/hez/höz)


This use of "but" - where it's basically a synonym of "however" - cannot be accurately translated with "hanem". The actual English sentence for which the given translation would be correct would leave out the "but": "The kindergarten teacher is not a guest, she is the boss!" Alternatively, the correct translation of the (somewhat awkward) English sentence as given would be something like "Az óvónő nem vendég, viszont ő a főnök."

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