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Terribly unhelpful pictures

August 26, 2016



Have a lingot. I 100% agree with you. The picture of a dad looks more like a grandfather, and the picture of a grandfather looks more like a dad.


In the second one they are the exact same picture for both.


Strangely, Duolingo provides exactly the same images for "dad/father" and "grandfather." For now, I disable those tasks. It would be better to move this topic to the Troubleshooting discussion.


Can you explain who does what? Duolingo does the pictures. What else is their decision?

I assume you all add the words but do you have a choice in what words to introduce? How much freedom do they give you when creating the language?


Duolingo has photos that a course contributor can choose from. The pictures are tagged in some way so that one can search through them.

Unfortunately, this old system has a number of disadvantages. Some words lack any suitable pictures at all. Other words use similar pictures or pictures that are not much help (however, can you explain how a real-life father is so different from a grandfather or a man in general?)

Also, you cannot chooose the pictures you want. There is a number of photos for each concept, and you can not remove those you do not think fit the word you attach them to. Then there is an issue of all photos being off: for instance, all pictures for "box" are various postboxes. None of them feature a cardboard box.


Thank you. I appreciate the info.


This image gives me nostalgia of old Duolingo.

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