"You are already lying."

Translation:Te már fekszel.

August 26, 2016

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fekszel, is an ik verb? fekszik?


Yes, it is. How did you figure it out?


If the ending of a verb for 2nd person ends in an el this denotes an ik verb right? ex. eszik -> eszel


Very good! You're not right, but it's a very good idea, & you're righter than just being wrong.

It used to be the case that -ol/öl/el was used for -ik verb, & -sz was used for others. However, it changed, & now the rule is that -ol/el/öl is used for stems ending with a sibilant consonant (sz-like consonants, such as sz, s, z, dz &c.)

So we have these:

olvas (to read): it used to be olvassz (with a separately pronounced s & sz), now it's olvasol.

törik (to break (intransitive)): it used to be töröl, now it's törsz.


ok wow! thank you. That change makes a lot of sense when you think about the word olvas.


Why not just: Már fekszel ?

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