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"I eat from the one, on which there is no picture."

Translation:Abból eszem, amin nincs kép.

August 27, 2016



Is "Abból eszem, amelyiken nincs kép." okay?


Actually, yours is the correct one.

"Abból eszem, amin nincs kép" translates to something like "I eat from whatever does not have a picture on". So, make sure you hang a picture on your wall, otherwise I will eat it.


I just want to say that I have completed this section after 85 questions and countless nonsensical English translations. I still love Hungarian; I just despise English now.


What is wrong with 'arról eszem amelyiken nincs kép'


I think "arról" should be accepted here. "Abból" makes most sense if they're talking about a bowl or something like that, but what if it is a cake? If the topic of a phrase like this is underspecified, I often think of cake!


Ez is csak egy hülye mondat

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