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  5. "I have a modern computer."

"I have a modern computer."

Translation:Tôi có một cái máy tính hiện đại.

August 27, 2016



What is "máy vi tính"? I thought computer was "máy tính." Is this a regional difference?


Máy tính and máy vi tính can refer to the same thing (a computer). Overseas Vietnamese tend to use máy vi tính while in Vietnam people prefer máy tính. Máy = machine, vi = small/minute/minuscule, tính = to calculate. Máy tính can also mean a calculator so I personally differentiate the two by saying máy tính for calculator and máy vi tính for computer. You can also just say máy computer (especially overseas).


It would have been nice if this were explained, say, like in the vocabulary. Sheesh.


It's strange that you add 'small' to the thing that's really larger!


Melarish It's not the size of the machine but the calculations/computations. Computers use a lot more micro-calculations so there's that.


That makes sense. Thank you for the explanation!


Technically, they are both computers nowadays on the inside. Those TI-83 calculators that the schools make us buy in the US are equipped with microprocessors that can run basic software. Now even the watches are computers…


Thanks, great explanation. :)


I still do not understand why sometimes you need to have chiec or any other classifier, but other times you don't.


Yes there is one classifier : cái is equal to chiếc


Not always. You would say chiếc đũa, chiếc xe etc. and you can say cái đũa but cái xe sounds weird.


I thought xe is already a classifier

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