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  5. "אני אוכל ארוחה."

"אני אוכל ארוחה."

Translation:I eat a meal.

August 27, 2016



"I eat a meal" is a literal translation from Hebrew, but it is not English. It should be "I have a meal" (or maybe "I eat flour"?). Even if you say "I have a meal", the sentence will sound incomplete, because you would expect it to be continued for example, by saing "I have a meal three times a day" or "I have a meal every now and then".


I disagree—I think this is fine English. A little odd with no context, but most Duolingo sentences are.


Will you give us a context where you think it's OK to use it.


Sure! It might be something like: "I come home, then I eat a meal" or "When I am hungry, I eat a meal." But I do agree with you that it sounds a bit more natural to say "I have a meal."


In your examples, it's part of a longer sentence, but I can't imagine it being used on its own.


You're telling someone about what you do every day: "I go to work. I come home. I eat a meal. I go to bed." Or it could be a response to a question. "What do you do when you're hungry?" "I eat a meal."


"I am eating a meal" sounds better, but since we know that the present tense verb can be translated either as eat or eating, it is sufficient to get the essence of the lesson.


What is the difference between ארוחה and ארוחת ?


The latter is a "smikhut" (סמיכות) form. That means the word is part of an expression. For instance, "meal" is ארוחה, but "breakfast" is ארוחת בוקר, literally "a meal of the morning".

The plural of ארוחה is ארוחות. Note the additional Vav.


I think this sounds more natural "I am eating a meal" vs "I eat a meal"


“I’m having a meal”. “Eating” is used for particular food.


So you would never be caught "eating" breakfast, or lunch, or dinner, or a snack?

The purpose of the lesson is to learn, practice, and demonstrate the vocabulary and grammar that are being taught.


*I am eating a meal.


Can it be " I have a meal" ?


in English, that would be an alternate way of phrasing the same concept. However it's not an accurate translation of the verb in this sentence

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