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"De rechtbank, rechter en advocaten zouden rechtvaardigheid als doel moeten hebben."

Translation:The court, judge and lawyers should have justice as a goal.

August 27, 2016



How do we know that "als doel " is "as a goal", rather than "as the goal "?


Otherwise it would have said 'als het doel'.

It is a bit like professions. 'Ik ben arts' means 'I am a doctor'. 'I am the doctor' would be 'Ik ben de arts"


I wrote "the court, judge and lawyers should have justice as their intention." and it was marked wrong - seems to me it should be an acceptable answer, or am I missing something?


That's what i was thinking too. I'm Dutch and seeing them use use the comma between court and judge, i would use that too in my translation.


I translated 'doel ' here as 'aim' but it was marked incorrect too.


why not "een doel"?


That is a wrong translation Als doel means 'as a goal' Als een doel means 'like a goal'.


"This isn't a court of justice son, this is a court of law." Billy Bragg - Rotting on Remand


The Dutch word 'advocaat' has a narrower meaning that the English word 'solicitor' and is mainly applied to barristers in court cases. I think 'barrister' would have to be the preferred translation over 'solicitor' in this particular case, which clearly refers to the courts.


Instead of zouden...moeten hebben is moesten hebben right too? Moesten being not used as a simple past, but as a conditional?


What is wrong with 'ought to'? I forget every time that the word is anathema to Duolingo, and yet it perfectly translates the Dutch here.


I put the instead of a and now i must hruise my fingers again for i have sinned in Dutch and English apparently...thanks for these painful lessons Duo x

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