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  5. I cannot master or translate?


I cannot master or translate?

I have started duolingo with a friend, but we have noticed a big difference between our apps: I can't master a course, I can only finish it. Neither can I translate a text from the web, which I have seen a lot of people talk about on this site. Does anyone know what might cause this difference??

February 4, 2013



Shhh! ... you are in a secret test ;)


Well that makes me curious


This is the Italian course by the way.


You've mastered 5 lessons as shown on your page. To master them, you usually have to do some translating. How did you master them?


I have just completed the given number of courses. I have not done any translating, and when I try to click the button 'Real World Practice' on the computer version of DuoLingo, it says there are no documents available...


I think that because it is a Beta test, they dont want people translating the wrong translations onto the web....maybe

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