"A kis, zöld tyúknak a zsebe üres."

Translation:The small, green hen's pocket is empty.

August 27, 2016



not green but empty pockets

May 26, 2017


The óvónő is drunk and should go home!

April 6, 2017


Sorry do hens have pockets? Even green ones or am I missing something in translation or another silly sentence?

August 27, 2016


You aren't missing anything. :D It is a silly sentence (but exceptably silly, I think.)

August 27, 2016


Acceptably silly for understanding such a scene a silly movie but not acceptable for someone, who wants to learn Hungarian to be understandable.

January 1, 2017


Such sentences stops you from guessing from context - which I do too often. With sentences like this you actually have to know the vocab and grammar not just guess.

June 23, 2017


idk. My first impression was that it was about an anthropomorphic chicken wearing clothes from some children's story (not that I have a specific one in my mind.) If a gigantic stretch of imagination is acceptablefor you, the small, green chicken could be a short, environmentally conscious, middle-aged/old lady. :D (Although, that would be very rude.)

Admittedly, I'm not doing the exercises themselves, so I have a different (probably worse) perspective than most participants. Still, I find this particular sentence alright, even though I suspect that it must have originally been in the Possessive skill, & so having so many adjectives is stupid.

January 1, 2017


you never know when you will need to use such a sentence next time you visit Budapest

October 24, 2017



July 10, 2017


Yes, that's what I thought!

March 15, 2018
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