Irish Children's audiobooks?

I'm learning Irish, and I'm doing okay with reading/writing translations, but I struggle a lot with listening comprehension. Does anyone know if there are any children's audiobooks in Irish I could listen to? I've found a few things for adults, but I'm not advanced enough to follow any of them!


8/27/2016, 4:51:57 PM


There's a set of 4 Fionn Mac Cumhaill stories available with an audio CD of the stories being read by the author. The Irish is nice and clear, and read at a comfortable pace for learners, but the stories are relatively short.

(I heard one of the stories a couple of months ago, and galaxyrocker posted a link to the box set in the last few weeks).

If you want something that you can listen along to while driving, for example, rather than reading the text as you listen, then you could try the lessons that the Irish Independent released in 2007, read by Liam Ó Maonlaí. They are just useful sentences grouped into different categories, read in English and then in Irish, rather than a story, but their worth a listen, and they're free:

8/27/2016, 8:01:55 PM

I found this one not long ago on youtube:

8/27/2016, 9:57:17 PM
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