"Ezek a kígyók csíkosak, azok pedig foltosak."

Translation:These snakes are striped, and those are spotted.

August 27, 2016

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These snakes are striped, and those ones are spotted. (?)


Yes, report it, please.


'those ones' is not standard (formal) English. Standard is just 'those'. In other words, 'those' can be a pronoun as well as an adjective/determiner.

For example, compare:
1. Those ones over there are on sale.
2. Those over there are on sale.

You will hear 1 from time to time, but 2 is what is taught to and used by most speakers most of the time.


Not sure about that. "Those ones" is totally standard English, though colloquial.


Lexico's entry has five examples with "ones" as a pronoun to refer to things, and fifteen with "ones" to refer to people. ( https://www.lexico.com/definition/one ) It is standard, not even colloquial. It may not be a good translation though, as it clarifies that they are also snakes rather than something else. I suspect the Hungarian does not do this . . .


However should be accepted as a synonym for but!!!

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    I totally agree!


    One 'and' is missing. The authors have provided only one 'and'!


    ------- flip out of the word bank and write it yourself . . .

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    why is pedig used here? Isn't pedig used for opposition or contradiction and exclusion. I mean english sentence with but seems a bit clunky to me, that is not a way to use but (or but is not the word i would put here)


    I think 'whereas' works well here as a translation for 'pedig'. In any case, there is certainly nothing wrong with or weird about 'pedig' in the Hungarian sentence!

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    One primary use of 'but" is to introduce contrasting sentences. See 1st definition here: https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/but


    What is the difference between foltos and pottyos?


    Animals are usually "foltos": salamanders, cows, some cats... So foltos means uneven spots that is more likely to happen in nature. If a dress is foltos, it has some stains on it.

    Pöttyös: a ball, a dress, a mug... In case of a pöttyös dress, think of polka dots. So here we have more regular, organized, man-made dots.


    ------- foltos = blotchy ; po:ttyo:s = (polka- ) dotted . . .

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    I cannot find 'and'


    'Pedig' means 'and' in this context, but it's actually more like 'whereas' or 'on the contrary'. It would be more literally: These snakes are striped, those, on the contrary, are spotted.

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