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  5. "Zsuzsa, van egy farmerod?"

"Zsuzsa, van egy farmerod?"

Translation:Zsuzsa, do you have a pair of jeans?

August 27, 2016



Maybe in Hungarian you do but only in English if you say a pair of jeans or do you have jeans


If I understood the question, in english you can say 'Do you have jeans', in a shop or if you want someone to change from shorts or a skirt for example.


If "farmerod" on its own means YOUR jeans, why doesn't this mean "do you have your jeans?" As in "we are packing for a weekend trip and it might get chilly did you bring your jeans?"


"Do you have any jeans Zsuzsa" should be OK; I have suggested it anyway.


lol in serbo-croatian we also say for jeans Farmerice

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