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  5. "Gyda'n gilydd"

"Gyda'n gilydd"

Translation:We together

August 27, 2016



Why is it sometimes 'gyda i gilydd' and sometimes 'gyda'n gilydd'?


There are three similar expressions:

  • gyda'n gilydd - (we) together
  • gyda'ch gilydd - (you) together
  • gyda'i gilydd - (they) together

The original base word in the expressions was cilydd, meaning 'a fellow, a companion', although it is not used with that meaning nowadays. The version gilydd with its fixed mutation is what remains in those three expressions above.

Note that the expected * gyda'u gilydd does not exist, although it is a common error. gyda'i gilydd is the correct version for '(they) together'.


Diolch yn fawr am yr esboniad cynhwysfawr


Great, now I get the meaning of the phrase. Will be definitely easier to remember.

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