"Rain is tears of angels."

Translation:גשם הוא דמעות של מלאכים.

August 27, 2016

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In other sentences we were told to use זה rather than הוא as a copula for inanimate objects, but here זה was rejected in favor of הוא. Is this a DL glitch or is there really a reason to prefer הוא here?


The use of זה is colloquial in senences like this.


Well, once the "it" is identified (in this case, the masculine noun גשם) the switch from זה to הוא must occur. If this was part of a conversation the previous sentence could have been: What is this? or, מה זה? To which the answer would be גשם. Now the "it" has been identified and we know it is masculine singular, so, the switch to הוא begins:

גשם הוא דמעות מלאכים

Rain, he is angels' tears.


I would say "Rain is the tears of angels."


can you use ממלאכים instead of של?

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