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"היא אמרה לי שהיא תחכה ליד הבנק."

Translation:She told me that she would wait by the bank.

August 27, 2016



The audio has a slightly different sentence (one less word: לי)

(Perhaps, in that light, this should accept:

She said that she would wait by the bank ?


There is a little but importand difference between the two sentences. The "לי" means she said it to you, and you heard it as a first source whereas in the secon sentence you might've heard it somewhere else/she didn't tell it to you but to someone else.


the problem is that the written sentence has לי while the spoken sentence does not have it.


yes but the audio does not say "לי".


years ago the audio difference was reported but the error remains. the easy fix would be to remove the לי from the text


There is no honor among thieves.


"She said to me" should also be accepted. I thought the word להגיד is more to tell (היא הגידה לי)

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