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Using Hyphens in Sentences

Are hyphens in sentences necessary? Like in «Він - студент.» Is the hyphen needed to make sense, I imagine everyone can understand it without it. Does Duolingo just use them for beginners? What is their purpose?

August 27, 2016



They are used in "real" Ukrainian writing too. As far as I know, they are used in Russian too and mean the words that are not in Ukrainian: are, is, the, a, an, was, were.

I am not exactly sure where to use them and when, so hopefully one who knows more than I do will come along and help.


There are some basic rules about using dashes in another discussion. Duolingo let you omit other punctuation marks too, so there is no reason to enforce the dash. Although, strictly speaking, omitting a dash is an error.

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