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"הסינתיסייזר הוא כלִי נגינה מוזר."

Translation:The synthesizer is a strange instrument.

August 27, 2016



The synthesizer is an AWESOME instrument


No, the theremin is a strange instrument. Synthesizers are relatively normal.


Yes, or Hurdy gurdy. :-) https://he.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/הארדי_גארדי We call it niněra in Czech.


The synthesizer is an odd instrument - is also a correct translation


By itself כלי is something like "implement," yes?


You could use the word "כלי" as a translation of the noun form of the word "implement", but I guess the word "כלי" would fit the word "tool" better. Though, you are not mistaken.


"By itself כלי is something like "implement," yes?"

Yes, and coupled with other words, it can "morph" into other words. כלי נגינה = musical instrument(s - depending on how you say it, this spelling can be singular or plural). כלי עבודה = tool(s). כלי בית is one you'll often see on storefronts - that refers to housewares. In a spiritual context, כלי refers to our abilities and attributes. I'm sure there are many more! כלי is an awesome, useful word.

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