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"Estoy aquí porque ellos me han llamado."

Translation:I am here because they have called me.

February 7, 2014



Could this sentence be translated as "I am here because they called me"? I realize that a word for word translation is as given, but this sentence in English sounds strange.


DL would probably mark it incorrect if you said it the way you asked because its teaching a conjugation of haber (han). But you are right its weird in english. If you were talking to someone in english, it might make sense in a different tense like: ...I went there because they had called me..., but even then "had" can be dropped in english. Not sure if its common or required in espanol.


And 'had called me' would be 'habian llamado' so if Duo is trying teach us three different tenses, Duo will probably be picky about the English versions, too. Called, have called, and had called are three different English tenses, with three different Spanish counterparts.


Actually It is very common to talk or say that! "...porque ellos me han llamado" or "...porque ellos me llamaron" same idea, both quite used!


I have enormous difficulty understanding the spoken Spanish, particularly when ending vowels merge into beginning vowels of the next word. The speaker pronounces this as "este aqui porque yos men llamado." I understand that to learn Spanish I must understand it as it is really spoken. This is not meant as a criticism of dl. Rather it is a cry of despair.


It gets better. Really. This is something cured by practice. What you are experiencing is exactly what non-natives experience of English when learning (talk too fast, slurring words, unexpected sounds when it is from a dialect).

That vowel transition problem becomes natural when you know what the words are. Just hang in there and listen to a lot of Spanish-language media. News programs are great, because they try for measured and unaccented speech, and every nation has at least one streaming news channel.


The Language-lab (free app) "Stories from Mexico" section helped me a ton with that. It is very understandable Spanish, and you can listen over and over again until it sounds right to you.


I wrote: Estoy aqui porque me han llamado. Do I have to have the 'ellos' here?


It's probably better to include "ellos" for clarity. Han is also used for ustedes.

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