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Planning a Course with Duolingo for Schools

I am about to take on a number of private students at different levels here in Colombia. I've personally found Duolingo very useful for learning Spanish and when I heard about Duolingo for Schools I was very excited. My question is how do I go about using Duolingo as the primary learning/teaching tool if the ultimate goal is for my students to pass an exam (for example Cambridge)?

August 27, 2016



Great tool, but NOT a stand-alone curriculum.


Duolingo is only one of the aspects of my language class. It is not the entire class. We still read several short stories, watch daily news from France on youtube, write paragraph and page long articles, watch Peppa Pig, write and perform small conversations and dialogues, etc.

Duolingo is amazing, but you'll need to fill out the course with as many reading, writing, speaking, and listening activities as you can imagine that work for their level.


I too am interested in what you seem to be suggesting - creating a complete course with listening, speaking, reading and writing activities that maximises the information learnt by duolingo, using duolingo as the source of structuring the content. I find that duo helps students' recognition greatly, but I wonder how that learning could be maximised to see an increase in confidence with tasks that extend the knowledge and understanding. Going through the notes helps to get an idea of how you could do this if starting with complete beginners. It would be quite time consuming to develop a program but could be worthwhile if you are in a school or language centre that does not already use another structured course.

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