"A pingvinek nem repülnek."

Translation:Penguins do not fly.

August 27, 2016

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So hungarian kindergarten teachers can fly, but penguins can't?


Only the penguin kindergarten teachers.


Only hungarian kindergarten penguin teachers


But Hungarian penguins are not natvie to Hungary, it will probably take a generation or two.


Why is is "A pingvinek"? It's like another sentence in this lesson: A lovak... I think it means penguins or horses in general, but it looks like a singular definite article (the), followed by a plural noun.

Could someone help me understand this?


Hungarian, like English, does not have a "singular definite article".

It just has a "definite article", which is the same for singular and plural -- English has "the book" and "the books", both with "the", and Hungarian as a könyv, a könyvek, both with a or az alma, az almák both with az (the distinction only depends on the sound of the word coming after the article).

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