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  5. "כמה מעלות יש עכשיו?"

"כמה מעלות יש עכשיו?"

Translation:How many degrees is it now?

August 28, 2016



Should what is the temperature now count?


you know .IM sorry if I seem to leave so many critical comments. Actually I love this app,-. but the careless editing of the the English is really annoying especially when it forces us to.write incorrect sentences in Order to "Pass"


Personal opinion here - I think you should use the "report" feature in such cases, the course is still work in progress and the team would welcome user input.


This reminds me of the Charlie Chaplin movie where the conversation is "how many clocks is it? 11 clocks. 11 clocks?? So many clocks!!"


If the hebrew word for "degree" is the same for temp and angle, then the english trans would make perfect sense for measuring changable angles. But Seems like you should be able to translate it "What is the temperature now"


The English sentence is ridiculous.


Elevators are מעליות. Same root, because it's something that rises. And, of course, someone who immigrates to Israel is an עולה.


בישראל, האם הם מודדים את הטמפרטורה במעלות פרנהייט או במעלות צלזיוס?

In Israel, do they measure the temperature in farenheit or in celcius


Is this the preferred way of asking "what is the temperature now"?

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