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  5. "זאת דקה ארוכה."

"זאת דקה ארוכה."

Translation:It is a long minute.

August 28, 2016



This is a peculiar sentence. Perhaps they were thinking that 60 seconds with your hand on a hot stove is a very long minute. I tried a different angle: the answer to, "How long is the excerpt you're going to play from the mayor's speech?" Answer-- "It's a minute long." But DuoL marked that wrong. How would you say it?


When does דקה mean "minute" and when can it mean "moment"? It seems to me I just saw it translated by Duolingo as "moment".


"Moment" is never an accurate translation for דקה in my opinion. I would always translate "moment" as רגע. But in all honesty we sometimes use דקה when we mean רגע and I've also seen רגע used instead of דקה.


What does regah mean compared to dakah? Also, can't it be translated "this minute is long"? Doesn't that mean the same thing?


"רגע" is moment as in "just a moment". If you are calling to someone and they are in the middle of doing something, they would likely respond "רגע" or "רגע אחד" or "רק רגע".


Is this the opposite of a 'New York minute'?


How would I then say "This minute is long"? I thought that wpyld had been the translation for this :)


"This minute is long" = "הדקה הזאת ארוכה "

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