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"Ennek a farkasnak a kölyke nagyon kicsi."

Translation:This wolf’s pup is very small.

August 28, 2016



Where I come from, wolves do not have cubs. They have "pups", like dogs. This is a minor detail, of course, unless you mistake an orphaned cub for a pup. Then you are in for a big surprise.


I presume this is a typo


I presume you mean "if" for "is".

Looks like it to me, too.


"This wolf's cub" should also be accepted -- animate possessor. Reported.


"This wolf's pup is very small" would be proper English. It doesn't matter if you use the word "kölyök" in Hungarian, and in most cases it translates to "cub". It is incorrect to say a wolf has a cub in English. Therefore either "pup" should be added as an acceptable answer, or a different word should be used in the Hungarian sentence to translate more accurately to a baby wolf.

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