"Szegeden is van repülőtér."

Translation:There is an airport in Szeged too.

August 28, 2016

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She sounds like she is saying "var" not "van." Or is that just me?


The n of van is a bit quiet, but it's there.


I had to look at the sentence once I typed it out. I was like "The airport waits in Szeged, too? You mean this has happened before? What have the kindergarten teachers done this time? Take the airports hostage? That's illegal!"


largest bootcamp in the country to train kindergarten teachers


why does it reject also for is? there is an airport in Szeged also, or there is also an airport in Szeged.


One more word that needs to be added to the course, all over.


why szegedEN instead of szegedBEN


Most townships in Hungary (and Magyarország itself as well) take the surface suffixes, while the far majority of places outside of Hungary use the inside suffixes:

  • Szegedre - Szegeden - Szegedről: to, in, from Szeged
  • Bécsbe - Bécsben - Bécsből: to, in, from Vienna
  • Magyarországra - Magyarországon - Magyarországról: to, in, from Hungary
  • Svédországba - Svédországban - Svédországból: to, in, from Sweden

Exception to this rule are Hungarian cities (settlements?) that end with the letters -i, -j, -m, -n, and -ny. Those take the inside suffixes: Tamásiból, Tokajban, Veszprémben, Debrecenből, Tihanyba. There aren't a lot of these.


I steal this comment, and put it to Tips& Notes.


You honour me. :)


Many thanks for this precious explanation.


Sherm0's comment below, three years ago, remains apt.

Arguably the particle is is better rendered "also" in English as its direct equivalent. It apparently functions the same way.


'There is also an airport i n Szeged.' ...was marked incorrect

Ideas folks


"There is also an airport in Szeged." is an accepted translation

please pay attention to your typos when you write an answer.


Sad that I have to ask again if also and too mean the same 'in English' my mother tongue


This sentence wants to express that there is an airport in Szeged too not only in e.g. Budapest. So it does not mean that "there is an airport in Szeged among other things".

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