"The politician who is talking on the radio is famous."

Translation:Az a politikus híres, aki a rádióban beszél.

August 28, 2016

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Wouldn't "Az a politikus" mean "that politician?"

That politician who is talking on the radio is famous.


Both work.

You could consider it as merely a signal that a relative clause is going to come later or as an explicit demonstrative "that".

Hungarian likes using such signals to alert the listener of a coming relative clause, perhaps because the relative clause usually does not come immediately after the noun to which it applies, unlike in English -- here, for example, there is a híres between the noun and the relative clause that applies to it. So Hungarian often uses az, ott, onnan, .....


So you're saying that "az" at the beginning isn't so important in terms of meaning, but it's more of a signalling device?


Why not rádión it's just as untrue as rádióban


Can you say "beszél a rádióban" instead of "a rádióban beszel"?

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