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"The old bear eats tasty meat."

Translation:Stary niedźwiedź je smaczne mięso.

August 28, 2016



Do Polish gay men also subdivide into types (bears, otters, etc.)?


I guess they do.


I guess they do. The bear movement is in most of Europe and Poland is near Germany.


Why can't I use 'ten' at the beginning?

ten stary niedźwiedż je smaczne mięso

That was marked as an error...


Because that would mean "THIS old bear eats tasty meat".

  • This old bear = Ten stary niedźwiedź
  • That old bear = Tamten stary niedźwiedź
  • The/an old bear = Stary niedźwiedź


Firstly, of course, VarHyid is right, technically there's nothing in the original sentence to mean "ten", as there's only "the".

However, while I personally don't love it, we do usually accept "ten" for "the" in such contexts. So I am going to add it. But please take a note that such usage is a bit of an interpretation, and it does in fact mean "this".


Thank you for your answers, to both of you. I got somehow confused and thought that you also used then/ta/to for "the".

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