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Streak length different on web browser and android app

I think I know why they are different, but I think they probably shouldn't be different. My streak on the web browser (chrome) is currently 188 days and my streak on the android app registers as 35 days. I think 35 days corresponds to when I had to use a streak freeze for a day as I was away and my phone was broken so I couldn't use the android app. The streak freeze seems to have worked on the web browser but not the app. Is the streak freeze meant to apply across platforms?

February 7, 2014

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Same here. I went back to zero on my Android four days ago after having to use streak freeze for the first time, but still have my full streak on the web. It kind of makes me want to spend more time on the web now. :-D The disappointing thing is that every time I get a reminder email it mentions the lower streak. Sadness.

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