"I am going to be mayor!"

Μετάφραση:Πρόκειται να είμαι δήμαρχος!

August 28, 2016

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το σωστο ειναι Προκειτε να γινω. "going to be" μεταφραζεται καλυτερα ετσι στην περιπτωση

February 3, 2017


πρόκειται να γίνω όχι προκειτε

March 18, 2017


Dear Team of Duolingo. This phrase doesn't mean something to Greek language. You have to change this "meanless" phrase (which confuse everyone of your users) with the right phrase "I am going to become a mayor" or something else. Thank you for your time and we hope that you receive our comments and make these changes that are necessary.

August 6, 2017
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