"They are against us and we are against them!"

Translation:הם נגדנו ואנחנו נגדם!

August 28, 2016

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hem negdénu v-anakhnu negdám


When can אנו be used instead of אנחנו?


Always - but it's formal, so it's not used in speech.


נגדם vs נגדכם vs נגדך I am having a hard time knowing when to use which. Can anyone offer some pointers?


ll נגדך = against you (singular masculine/feminine; they're written the same but pronounced differently). נגדכם = against you (plural masculine). נגדם = against them (masculine).

Full inflection here


I'm a little confused - do the vowel(s) following the verb NEGGED refer to the person who is against or the person it is against?


The word נגד is a preposition, and the suffixes refer to the person someone or something is against. נגדי = against me. If you want to talk about the person who is against, you do it by adding a pronoun or a noun - הוא נגדי = he is against me; or החתולים נגדי = the cats are against me.

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