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  5. "A spoon of salt"

"A spoon of salt"

Translation:Một muỗng muối

August 28, 2016



Do you not always need a classifier when you have a quantifier?


Still interested to know. Why is 'một cái muỗng muối' a wrong answer?


It miiiiiight be because the sentence is talking about the salt and the salt itself is already sort of classified by the spoon. (I heard about it in one lesson from the Youtube channel Tieng Viet Oi - Vietnamese Lessons. It was the upload about Classifiers, minute 4:38). Though yes: in this case it defines a certain amount of salt so why still not use a classifier?

Can anyone help?


A previous sentence had the translation of "a spoon" as "một chiếc muỗng". So why not ALL THE TIME??


Yes, same question...


Shouldn't it be "spoonful"?


If they are not going to be literal in the translation, they shouldn't be literal in the mouse-overs. I know it would a be pain to go around fixing these little things, but it would be VERY helpful to know that in Vietnamese the word 'of' is not used in sentences like this. Instead, the mouse-over hint could actually SAY that... What a novel concept... teaching...

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