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  5. "This soup and that soup"

"This soup and that soup"

Translation:Ta zupa i tamta zupa

August 28, 2016



I tried for the fun of it to write 'owa' instead of 'tamta'. I should be the same but less used right?

Anyway it didn't work :)


It's really dated nowadays, or poetic. So it's rather on the level of playing with language.


Exactly what I was taking about in the other thread about this section. Tą vs tę. Good to know that if I go to university there I can tell the difference but can keep it to myself when talking to peeps.


Why is it zupa and not zupe? Thank you


"zupę" is the Accusative case, used for the direct object of the sentence. We have no sentence here and no verb that could take a direct object. This is just a phrase without any context, so it takes Nominative - the basic form, which is "zupa".


because it is nominative (mianownik) , zupę is accusative

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