"This soup and that soup"

Translation:Ta zupa i tamta zupa

August 28, 2016

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I tried for the fun of it to write 'owa' instead of 'tamta'. I should be the same but less used right?

Anyway it didn't work :)


It's really dated nowadays, or poetic. So it's rather on the level of playing with language.


I put "ta zupa i ta zupa", I read that "ta" can be used as both "this" and "that", and "tamta" is used as "over there". Could this be accepted?


That is true, and normally we would accept "that soup = ta zupa", but not in a phrase like this one, which is exactly meant to contrast "this" and "that". Maybe your answer would make sense if you pointed with your finger, but that's still a bit too much to accept it, I'd say.

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