"I had to do something."

Translation:Musiałem coś zrobić.

August 28, 2016

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Why can't I use "robić"?


Well... that would mean something in the direction of "I was bored, I had to find something to do, that's why I started cooking and accidentally burnt the house", while "zrobić" is more like "I had to act".

But I'm not sure if the first interpretation is not allowed for "I had to do something", so if you still think it is, then I guess we're gonna have to add it.


Then I think "robić" would be a very rare translation, though some contexts would probably allow it. So I don't think it should be added.


"Musiałem coś robić" does make a lot of sense to me (without burning the house), but I'd translate it to "I needed to do something".


miałem coś zrobić. - not ok to use? 'miałem' is 'I had' isn't it?


"miałem" is "I had" as in "I had a dog when I was a child".

"Miałem coś zrobić" is actually a correct sentence, and in a way a similar one, but "mieć" as a modal verb does not mean "to have to".

"Miałem coś zrobić" is rather "I was supposed to do something".


So how would you say "i had something to do"?


"Miałem/Miałam coś do zrobienia."


Doesn't zrobic implied that the action has to be finished ? So if robic isn't accepted, what would i use to say "I had to do something (that doesn't necessarily need to be finished)"?

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