"He is putting on a necklace."

Translation:הוא עונד שרשרת.

August 28, 2016

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Why is עונד accepted here? Shouldn't "put on" just be שם?


Some pieces of clothing have their own "wearing verb" in Hebrew, like shoes (נעליים- לנעול) or socks (גרביים- לגרוב). In this case it's about a necklace (שרשרת) and its corresponding verb - לענוד.

This is proper Hebrew, however, a lot a fluent speakers simply use שם ("put on") like you mentioned with all pieces of clothing , I do it too sometimes I have to admit :D

In my opinion just learn it the right way and use the correct words for each piece of clothing, you'll probably see more of these in future lessons.

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