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  5. "Kik sétálnak el mögülem?"

"Kik sétálnak el mögülem?"

Translation:Who walks away from behind me?

August 28, 2016



Who walks away?


That would be better English, yes.


That would be correct English


The Beta answer is incorrect as far as I can see. Does "kik" not indicate plural? Please change this as it is confusing to me to have my answer not acceptable in this instance. I prefer the solution shown above.


Kik is plural, but English doesn't have a plural "who" as a question word.


I tend to disagree. "Who are those people" for instance is perfectly normal English usage.


True, but only for "who are [noun phrase]?"

We don't say "Who are dancing?" or "Who like chocolate?".


I explain it a hundred times with the "not in copulative sentences" disclaimer, and this time I left it out. :´)

So: in copulative sentences the question words "who" and "what" can be plural, too. But if you start using a different verb than the plain "to be", plural forms are not used with "who" and "what".


Who walks? Shouldn't it be 'Who walk', because 'Kik setálnak' is plural.


Shouldn't it be 'Who walk', because 'Kik setálnak' is plural.

No. English does not have separate singular "who?" and plural "whos?" like Hungarian ki / kik. "who?" in such sentences is always singular in English -- thus we say "Who walks?", even if we know or suspect that the answer will be plural.

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