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  5. "Women, we need you."

"Women, we need you."

Translation:נשים, אנחנו צריכים אתכן.

August 28, 2016



I was marked wrong even though I have the same answer as the correction.


I was marked wrong even though my answer was exactly the same as the correction


can't I use the formal? נשים, אנו צריכים אתכן


I wanted to ask about that, too.


I wrote the same thing and it marked me wrong... What is the difference between אנו and אנחנו?


It's so confusing to me that all of the other direct pronouns start with אות EXCEPT for "you"


The suffixes of the word "את"

The word "את" has suffixes to indicate person and number, like every other preposition. Note that the plural "you" bucks the trend and starts with "et", not "ot":

EnglishHebrewMeאותי (oti)You (singular masculine)אותךָ (otkha)You (singular feminine)אותךְ (otakh)Himאותו (oto)Herאותה (ota)Usאותנו (otanu)You (plural masculine)אתכם (etkhem)You (plural feminine)אתכן (etkhen)Them (masculine)אותם (otam)Them (feminine)אותן (otan)

You might hear some native Israeli speakers using אותכם/אותכן (otkhem/otkhen) for the 2nd person plural, "you". This follows the pattern of "ot" used by the other persons of the word, but it is technically incorrect from the tips and notes for Duolingo Hebrew.


This is a cool thing I discovered from reading the main discussion boards. You can find your progress and all the tips and notes (well this is mine, put in your user name where mine is to see your own page) here too: https://duome.eu/teribleteri/progress


I can't find a mistake. You?


Me too! Why is this happening?

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