"The perfect house is unfortunately not free."

Translation:A tökéletes ház sajnos nem ingyenes.

August 28, 2016

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Akkor nem tökéletes


You would not say "ingyenes" in the case of a house. "nincs ingyen" is more natural, whether it is a rental or a purchase.


what's the difference between "ingyenes" and "szabad"?


Ingyenes means free of charge, you don't need to pay money for it.

Szabad means that it's not captive or it's unoccupied or allowed. However, it's unoccupied in a very strong sense of the word, so you can't say "A ház szabad.", you should say "A ház üres." or "A ház lakatlan." (uninhabited) instead. "A hely szabad." (the seat/place is free) is a valid sentence, though.


In this English sentence I would suppose that the house is not empty (üres). otherwise in English I would say not for free. A house is never for free anyway, or do you know any houses that don`t cost anything? And this is what ingyenes means...


Can sajnos come at the start of the sentence?


a tokeletes haz sajnos nem szabad.I cannot know from the English sentence if you mean not paying or you mean FREE because nobody is living in the house,My sentence should have ben accepted .


I checked it, A tökéletes ház sajnos nem szabad. is accepted.


Köszönöm szépen!


Are there other possible placements for “sajnos”? Bonus if a Moderator (or another native speaker ; ) could offer the different meanings for various placements.

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