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  5. "יש לי זנב ארוך."

"יש לי זנב ארוך."

Translation:I have a long tail.

August 28, 2016



I came here looking for this ^^^


How did you make that?


I think that you are dreaming about a long tail Duo :D


Looks like the flirting bonus level is baked in here.


Look, I know that all the sentences are only for learning purposes, but this one is just too wrong.


I can't say for sure, but I don't think L3xisPlex meant that this sentence is ungrammatical or a bad translation. In some languages, the word for tail also functions as a common euphemism for the male genital. Perhaps that's where they're coming from, claiming it's wrong. Not language-wise, but that it is a questionable thing to teach in a language course. I feel like it's ambiguous enough. Perhaps Duo is referring to his splendid tail feathers. Silly anecdote warning. I've just recently figured out that my dog's bald spots are from hitting himself when wagging his tail. What a good boy?! We thought he had a skin problem. Wouldn't have been a problem if he could just say the words "I have a long tail." in our language.


Still, if you are going to claim that a sentence is wrong, you should provide some indication of why you think so. And in this case, the claim is not just that it's wrong, but that it's too wrong, as though it's OK to be a bit wrong, but not wrong beyond some point. It doesn't make sense, and there's no point making a statement like this if no one can figure out what you mean.

(I do like the story about your dog. What a sweetie! My guess: a lab or other short-coated retriever.)


All kidding aside, is 'zanav' actual slang for 'penis'?


I guess that's useful to know lol. Although I viewed it so innocently before...


Could be from acting in a play... "Cats" perhaps


I was also thinking of some kind of costume. Where I've lived, tail never referred to male genitalia It was something a man might say if he was trying to "score" -- he was going out to get some tail. And I don't think it meant that he was -- how do I say this politely? --that he preferred a rear position. It just meant ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ with a woman . Come to think of it, the same meaning comes with the phrase "getting a piece of -ss" I wonder if there are more euphemisms for sex or for getting drunk?


How would you say "my long tail" then?


הזנב ארוך שלי ?


הזנב הארוך שלי?


Could it be an idiom? In Spanish we do say things about tails "s/he has a tail to step in" means someone has made wrongdoings.


ארוך how to pronnounce that ?


שמחת פורים!


Is ארוך actually spelled correctly? If you look it up in the dictionary (morfix) it's spelled ארך


The vav is optional. This is the 'full' spelling, where the vav takes the place of the dot. The pointed text would be אָרֹךְ


The word “long” was not one of the choices


I have such a hard time making out the consonants for "type what you hear" (snail speed would be SO helpful). The upside of this is that my guesses, while completely wrong, are often entertaining. For example, I tried "יש לי בגנר ארור", which was translated as "I have a bloody bugger". Who knew??


Indeed. I heard a double לי which confused me.


Oh no, the furries are here.


The answer was correct but you marked ot wrong. " I have a long tail

[deactivated user]

    Vestigial Tail


    I hope they change this sentence, thanks.


    Has the devil bought Duolingo?!

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