"Having four cats, I do not feel lonely."

Translation:Mając cztery koty nie czuję się samotna.

August 28, 2016

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I'm triggered XD


Me today. But I am swimming in tumbleweeds of fur all over the house. And trying to feed for greedy cats without having each one of then trying to take the food of the other three requires some ingenuity and fast reflexes.


why "samotna" and not "samotną", like, erm, in Russian (чувствовать себя одинок_ой_)? Is it some kind of rekcja for czuć się or a definite rule?


In Polish, unlike Russian, such a sentence uses an adjective in Nominative. If it was a whole noun phrase, then it would take Instrumental.


Actually, I am pretty sure that samotną wouldn't be used commonly but correct


I think it is the same situation as here: https://sjp.pwn.pl/poradnia/haslo/Chcialbym-byc-bogaty-i-piekny;16960.html

(I asked that question, I wasn't sure myself.)


It would be incorrect, you would have to say nie czuję się samotną kobietą/dziewczyną. Samotną is wrong if it's by itself, I don't know why as I don't know the written rules, but polish is my native language so it's natural.


'Mając cztery koty, nie czuję się samotny' is counted as false, but the same sentence is correct with samotna. Only women can have cats?


No, both versions are not only accepted, but starred. It should have worked.


Faktycznie, mój błąd, one version was "nie czuje się samotny", just realized it afterawards. Dziękuję za odpowiedź !


You may not feel lonely, but you probably are.... ;)


Shouldn't it be samotna?


What is wrong with Mając cztery koty, nie się czuję samotny?


'nie się czuję' sounds very very weird. I wonder what exactly makes it wrong... maybe it's as if you negated 'się' and not 'czuję się'. Anyway, I cannot imagine any native saying that.


It is hard to figure out the order with się… I think if it is something like [verb] + [verb + się], you usually say, [verb] + [się verb], right? Such as, "Chciałbym się nauczyć niemieckiego." Or is that wrong? Maybe I made the mistake once and just keep repeating it…


"Się" is movable so you can say "Chciałbym się nauczyć niemieckiego" as well as "Chicałbym nauczyć się niemieckiego" without much difference. But you shouldn't put "się" at the begining and at the end of the sentence if it is possible.

Here there is an additional rule that "nie" should be put before the word which it negates, in this case it is the verb "czuć" and "się" acts like an object of the verb.


What about a sentence like, "Mając cztery koty się nie czuję samotna."


Rather not. If you look at it more closely, you can notice that you started the clause with "się" so it does not sound good. The sentence accent falls on "się" and it shouldn't.


Thank you. I'll try to use się better.


Mając cztery koty nie czuję się samotna. - should have been accepted. 'lonely' in English does not carry gender - therefore in English it could be both samotny or samotna


It's the default sentence actually, so it's really strange if it wasn't accepted.

For example if you used "samotny" but made a typo somewhere, you would be corrected to the default sentence that chose "samotna", which could lead you to think that "samotny" is rejected, but this... this looks like a bug.


Posiadając cztery koty nie odczuwam samotności


On Duolingo we're usually rather strict in changes in the translations and you changed the adjective "lonely" to the noun "loneliness".

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