"A portás abból a szállodából jön ki, amelyikben külföldi turisták alszanak."

Translation:The porter comes out of the hotel in which foreign tourists are sleeping.

August 28, 2016

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I do not understand "abból a szállodából" ; should it not be translate by from that hotel instead of from the hotel ?


In English, relative clauses are right next to the nouns they describe ("the hotel in which..."), whereas in Hungarian, they are often not -- the predicate of the main clause often comes first, as here with "jön ki".

So to alert the listener that a relative clause is going to follow, Hungarian usually uses a signal such as ott "there" or az "that" which need not be translated into English -- we would say "I live where you do", for example, not necessarily "I live there, where you do".

But if you wanted to say "that hotel in which", the Hungarian sentence would be the same. So it's ambiguous.


ok, thanks for the answer!


From THAT hotel was marked wrong. But abbòl means FROM THAT too.


This course is becoming more and more unuseful, boring and irritating.


There are short and useful sentences in the last 15 or 20 lessons of the Hungarian tree. It is only the middle part which is so akward. When I finished the tree I realized afterwards that you can manage these awful lessons much easier with the Duolingo app on the smartphone. But, of course, you learn not as much as you do when you have to write down every single word.


Yes, that's what i recommend. It is far easier with the app. It was very frustrating on the site : i could never have the right answer, always something missing or wrong.


How do you switch to the app and end up in the same place in the tree where you were before? When I try the app it takes me back to the beginning and I am right in the middle.


If you use the same account to log in to the app and to the website, it should have the same idea of your progress -- it does for me, at least (iOS app and website).

Double-check to make sure you're using the same login details in both places.


Thank you for the reply. I have the same login on three Apple devices. Also if I am in the middle of a lesson and I want to ask a question and go to discussions sometimes I can't get back to the lesson and have to start from the beginning again. So I don't do that anymore. I save the question for after I finish the lesson and then go to the discussion area for that sentence in the lesson. I am doing pretty well and I'm halfway through the Hungarian course but it is very frustrating. I reported this "bug" but only received a form letter reply.


When one is present and pointing at the particular hotel and say "abbol" you have a clear picture. "The one in which..." is additional information to describe a specific hotel.


Is "[...] where the foreign tourists sleep" accepted answer?


Whoa Nellie, are sleeping and sleep should both be accepted. Thanks.


It doesn't bother me that occasionally I type the translation instead of the Hungarian when listening. It bothers me how long, when I was right, it takes me to stop thinking "But that's what I said!" after they count me wrong.

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Why not 'that' hotel?

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