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  5. "I eat tamarind."

"I eat tamarind."

Translation:Tôi ăn me.

August 28, 2016



Is tamarind very popular in vietnam or is it just included for tone practice?


Maybe both :D. If you have an opportunity to visit Vietnam, you can see that in primary schools, secondary schools and high schools, at the canteen, they sell tamarind for students. In Vietnam, it is one of the fruits that no one hasn't eaten in their life. :)


In Houston one can get it at Hong Kong market in dired or in concentrated form. It is used a lot for preparation of all sorts of dishes. It is pretty sour though, it you eat it just as it is without including it in any dish


Mother and tamarind sound very similar. mẹ & me


Living in southern China (near to Vietnam) , I have never heard the so-called tamarind...


Áo nói được rồi

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