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"הן כתבו את המאמר הזה בדוקטורט שלהן."

Translation:They wrote that article in their PhD.

August 28, 2016



And by the way, what is the meaning of "in their Ph.D."? If it is for a doctoral thesis, the sentence should be, "for their PhD", even if it refers to only a part of it. If you have another explanation, I'm all eyes and ears.

Grammarly keeps bugging me to make the designation of "doctor of philosophy" Ph.D. So, please make it acceptable here as well.

Thank you for your patience.


בלי הקשר לא ברור אם "דוקטורט" מתייחס ל"לימודי הדוקטורט" או "עבודת הדוקטורט" - לכן אי אפשר לדעת אם מדובר על מאמר שנכתב בתקופה מסוימת (בזמן לימודי הדוקטורט) או בתוך חיבור מסוים (עבודת הדוקטורט)


Ph.D. = doctor of philosophy - only recently (in the last few decades) did people begin to leave off the period between Ph and D, at least in American English.


Is there a difference in Hebrew between this and that? This article was rejected


Yes, there's a difference, but "this" should be correct here. This article = המאמר הזה That article = המאמר ההוא . This sentence is weird in any case. One can't write anything in one's PhD. You either write the paper during your doctoral STUDIES, or you write it as part of your PhD DISSERTATION.


Can דוקטורט be translated as "Doctorate?"


Extracting an article from a PhD thesis is plausible. I wonder whether an article can be a basis for award of of PhD. So the sentence needs clarification.

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