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"Stay with him until he does the work."

Translation:הישארי איתו עד שהוא יעשה את העבודה.

August 28, 2016



"הישאר איתו עד שיעשה את העבודה" should be correct as well, as (mostly) in hebrew the verb also contains the subject


No. The pronouns אני אתה את אנחנו אתם אתן (first and second person) are not needed in past and future tense, as far as I know (but duolingo often insist on using/requiring אני in first person future tense). The third person pronouns הוא היא הם הן are usually required in all tenses.


Hisha'ari* ito ad she'hu ya'ase et ha'avoda

*(to a woman)

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