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"המוסלמים הולכים בכל יום למסגד חמש פעמים."

Translation:Muslims go to the mosque five times every day.

August 28, 2016



This is not true, Muslims pray 5 times a day. Being in a mosque is not required in order to pray.


An English speaker would say "Moslems GO to THE mosque ..." When you here someone say something like Moslems are going ... that's how you know they are Israeli ;)


a mosque צריך לקרוא (בשמע) לְמסגד במקום לַמסגד (מיודע - the mosque)


"Muslims go to the mosque five times daily" Should be accepted.


In Hebrew המוסלמים is definite, why is it not translated with 'the Muslims' in English?


Wow, it is difficult question. I suppose you could say, "The muslims pray five times a day.", but it is more idiomatic to say "Muslims pray five times a day." The difference is familiarity or formality. "The muslims" is much more formal, as if "the muslims" were some obscure people you are just reading about in a museum or journal article.


I'm not sure what you are trying to say. To me, an accurate translation of המוסלמים is "the Muslims" and an accurate translation of מוסלמים would be "Muslims". Both make sense and mean basically the same thing and neither is more idiomatic than the other, at least in English.


moslem is an accepted spelling in the US


It is out of fashion now at least in the US

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